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How to Achieve Financial Sucess

7 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Profitability!

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How to Achieve Financial Success

Your business is growing, and clients are showing up yet it still isn't creating the profits you want. Why? What is it going to take?

In How to Achieve Financial Success, you will find out....

How to Increase
Average Ticket Price

There are many ways to increase profitability. Imagine if you could figure out how to increase the volume of what your current clients are already buying from you.

Business Profitability

How to Determine Your Most Profitable Products or Services

Picture this: you have a treasure chest full of different items to sell. Some items might be like gold coins, bringing in lots of money, while others are like pebbles, not making much. So, how do you figure out which items are the gold coins and which are the pebbles?


How to Collect
Receivables Quicker

Efficient receivables management ensures a steady cash flow, reduces financial stress, and supports growth opportunities. Let's explore three powerful strategies that can help companies collect receivables quicker and the key benefits of implementing these strategies.

And much, much more!

Who is Michele Mere?

Michele Mere is a decisive, driven, and committed entrepreneur who helps successful business owners regain control of their time and create financial independence using the Finding Your Money Solutions systematic approach to measure and improve the value of a business.


Michele says, “Small Business Owners shouldn't have to kill themselves to make a living. They should be able to grow their business without the constant struggle of not knowing how their business is really doing, not to mention the sleepless nights spent worried about where the cash is coming from to pay the bills.”


Michele’s business expertise has been highlighted during her speeches at Harvard and on NBC, CBS, Fox,, and She is a Stevie Award-winning business consultant, best-selling author, and the Founder of Decisive Minds and Bottom Line Bookkeeping Solutions.

Michele Mere